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Member - International Weighing Standard Promotion Council

Mr Rakesh Valeja is a professional in India's weighing and automation industry. With a career spanning over 33 years, he is passionate about his work and brings in tremendous experience. He has been proudly associated with the Thames Side Sensors group since 2011, starting as the 'General Manager' of Thames Side Sensors India Pvt. Ltd., a major contributor to India's process automation and industrial weighing sectors. He now leads the company as the 'Country Head' and 'Director of India Operations'.


As an advocate for ethics, integrity, and happy work culture, Mr Valeja has consistently worked towards incorporating these principles into the businesses he has worked with. With his guts and perseverance, he has a track record of achievements both as an employee and as a leader. Mr. Valeja encourages prompt responses to all the stakeholders in business and is all ears to progressive ideas. He firmly believes that transparency, resilience, and great teamwork have the power to overcome all obstacles and create new opportunities in the business world.


Apart from being a successful business specialist, Mr Valeja is a compassionate person, an avid cricket enthusiast, and an animal lover. He represents the best in business affairs, public relations, strategic planning, human resource management, and industrial relations. He is a man of gentle persuasion.

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