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At WIWF INDIA, we undertake numerous activities to develop and propagate uniform quality & safety standards, better laws & regulations, innovation, human resource development, fair trade practices, environmental sustainability and ethical practices with and or for those associated with the Indian Industries including but not limited to Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Weighing, Agriculture, Mining, Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Food, Healthcare, Transpiration, nationally & globally. 


The central goal of the IWSPC shall be to keep all stakeholders apprised and cognizant of all extant Government policies, rules, and legislation as well as of any changes to them. Know More

Green Sankalp is an environment and sustainability initiative by the Weighing Industry Welfare Foundation. Green Sankalp is WIWF's ambitious and innovative initiative that seeks to mobilize communities, businesses, and individuals across India to make a collective pledge towards environmental sustainability. Know More

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Kaushalam balam program is geared to ensure employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for the people working in the Indian Industries.  It offers long-term, sustainable solutions while also addressing the nation's unemployment problem and ensuring 21st-century skills. Know More

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