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WIWF Membership

Membership in the Weighing Industry Welfare Foundation (WIWF) offers numerous benefits to its members through various programs and initiatives. Here are the benefits highlighted in light of the mentioned programs:

  1. International Weighing Standard Promotion Council (IWSPC):

    • Policy Advocacy Influence: WIWF members gain a platform for active participation in policy advocacy. Being part of IWSPC allows them to influence government decisions, ensuring that policies, rules, and legislation benefit all stakeholders in the weighing industry.

    • Global Best Practices: The council's collaboration with international bodies provides members with exposure to global best practices. WIWF members can adopt and incorporate these practices into their operations, enhancing efficiency and competitiveness.

  2. Kaushalam Balam Program:

    • Skill Enhancement: Members benefit from the Kaushalam Balam program, which focuses on honing the skills of weighbridge operators. Continuous upskilling ensures that members' workforce remains proficient and stays ahead in the rapidly evolving weighing industry.

    • Employment Opportunities: The program not only enhances existing skills but also opens up employment and entrepreneurship opportunities within the weighing industry, contributing to the overall growth and stability of member organizations.

  3. Green Sankalp - Environment and Sustainability Initiative:

    • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): WIWF members can actively participate in Green Sankalp, demonstrating their commitment to environmental sustainability. This initiative provides a platform for businesses to contribute to environmental causes, aligning with corporate social responsibility goals and enhancing their reputation.

    • Community Mobilization: Members benefit from the collective efforts of communities, businesses, and individuals working towards environmental sustainability. This shared commitment fosters a positive image for the weighing industry, promoting responsible practices.

  4. Representation for Unorganized Sectors:

    • Voice in Policy Formulation: WIWF serves as an umbrella organization, bringing together previously unrepresented industry participants. Through WIWF, members gain a collective voice in policy formulation, ensuring that the weighing industry's concerns are considered in government decisions that directly impact it.


In summary, WIWF's membership offers a comprehensive set of benefits ranging from policy advocacy and skill enhancement to environmental sustainability and global visibility, making it a valuable investment for organizations in the weighing industry.

WIWF Certified Weighbridges

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