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The Weighing Industry Welfare Foundation (WIWF) works to create and sustain an ecosystem that brings together the different stakeholders of the Weighing Industry in India. Our objective is to create a better understanding of the importance and scope of the weighing and measurement industries & support ethical industrial weighing practices thus furthering the welfare of those engaged in weights and measures activities including but not limited to the weighing equipment manufacturers, scale dealers, end-users, the regulatory community, and the consumers. Our organization is non-governmental and not-for-profit, and we seek to shape the evolution of India's weighing industry. Our mission is to promote the growth and development of the Indian weighing industry through research, advocacy, and collaboration. We believe that the weighing industry is essential to the growth of the Indian economy, and we are committed to ensuring that it continues to thrive.


Our Work

At WIWF INDIA, we undertake numerous activities that are designed to develop and propagate Quality & Safety Standards for the Weighing Industry nationally & globally so as to achieve uniform, consistent and repeatable measurement of weight across all weighing implements anywhere in the world each and every time. Our research and analysis help to identify emerging trends and opportunities in the market, while our advocacy work helps to shape policy and regulation that supports the industry. We also work to build partnerships and collaborations between different stakeholders in the industry to promote innovation and growth. Our goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem that supports the growth and development of the Indian weighing industry, and we are committed to achieving this through our work.

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