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Kaushalam balam

Kaushalam balam program is geared to ensure employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for the people working in the various Industrial sectors.  We encourage & support the initiatives aimed at honing the skills of operators, ensuring they not only possess the necessary expertise but also stay ahead in their field through continuous up-skilling.

The key objectives / offerings of the Kaushalam balam program are as follows :  

  • To get one lakh youth, in the age group of 18 to 45, trained and employed by 2030.

  • Special Training provision for Special ability and Retired people (55-60yrs).

  • To Promote education, learning and skill development for individuals and Industries and business entrepreneur, including careers guidance and to undertake activities, either individually or in collaboration with for profit & not-for profit entities, academic institutions / bodies (government & non-government), related to skill development, Human Resources Development & management including but not limited to skilling / up-skilling, certifications, curriculum development & management, setting up of training institutions, training, arranging facilities for books, guides, data and information, to conduct courses and to hold examinations in professional as well as vocational disciplines, employment / job generation for the youth. 

  • Industries in India offers various career opportunities for Professionals across different sectors. Kaushalam balam aims to cover following potential roles :

    • Weighbridge Operations : Companies require skilled operators for managing the weighbridges. We specialize in honing the skills of weighbridge operators, ensuring they not only possess the necessary expertise but also stay ahead in their field through continuous upskilling. Our comprehensive training programs cover everything from the fundamentals to advanced techniques, empowering operators to efficiently manage weighbridges from end to end. Whether it's mastering the intricacies of weight measurement or navigating the latest technologies, we strive to equip operators with the knowledge and confidence they need for success in this critical role.

    • Sales and Marketing: Companies in often require professionals to promote and sell their products.

    • Technical Support: Knowledgeable individuals are needed to provide technical assistance to customers and resolve any issues related to equipment.

    • Research and Development: Every industrial sector involves designing and improving technologies, making it crucial for innovation and advancement.

    • Manufacturing and Production: Jobs in the manufacturing sector include assembling, testing, and quality control of machines / instruments.

    • Service and Maintenance: Skilled technicians are required for the installation, calibration, and maintenance of machines / equipment.

    • Quality Assurance: Ensuring that products meet industry standards and regulations is vital, creating opportunities in quality assurance roles.

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