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Founder Chairman, WIWF

Mohit Chadha is an experienced MD of the family owned public weightbridge chain, the Ram Kanta Group. He joined the business at age 17 while studying at Delhi University and increased the business manifold, computerizing its entire operations in 1994, a pioneering initiative at the time.

His charitable streak came to fore at a young age as he worked with Christian Missionaries and funded and ran a charitable school for underprivileged kids from 2000-2011.

His leadership skills earned him the prestigious chair of General Secretary of the Federation of 29 commercial markets of Delhi since 2015. He also heads the Delhi Public Weighbridge Association, of more than 600 business establishments since 2016. Founded Kanta King in 2016 furthering the ambit of his family business to manufacturing weighbridges and scales, and tying up with top international brands to introduce cutting edge technology to the weighing industry.

Founded the Weighing Community in 2018 – the most innovative, path-breaking and much awaited platform for the weighing industry for actualization of his vision of ‘One Country One Weight’. He has created an ecosystem to standardise, organise and streamline a hitherto unorganised industry bringing unprecedented benefits to each member of the community. Skilled in Research, Reasoning, Administrative and Strategic Planning, Management and Customer Service. Core strengths are initiative, leading from the front and a strong vision to create ecosystems for the greater good of community. Building strong networks and nurturing business contacts is his forte.

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