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सभी वेब्रिज / धर्म काँटा ऑपरेटर्स के लिए
(Inviting all the weighbridge operators) 

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(Skill Gap Assessment Survey)

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Empowering stakeholders of Indian Weighing Industry

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Indian Weighing - Our People - Mr.  Basant Sandooja

Indian Weighing - Our People - Mr. Basant Sandooja

Digitization is now the norm for industries, and the weighing industry is no exception. Digital technology is having a huge impact on our society right now and is altering our lifestyles. In line with World Metrology Day, 2022, ' Metrology in the Digital Era,' we at Weighing News, have invited The Managing Director of Avery India Ltd, Mr. Basant Sandooja, to share his thoughts with us. Mr. Sandooja shared his experience about how our industry has grown tremendously in terms of adapting to digitization. Mr.Sandooja also shares his perspective on how our sector would evolve and look like in the future . Basant Sandooja is Managing Director of Avery India Ltd for the last 11 years. He is also President of WEMA (Weighing Equipment Manufacturers Association). He also represents the National Committee of Capital Equipment of the CII. Basant is a technocrat & a seasoned management professional with over four decades of Corporate experience in setting up, growing, managing, and transforming businesses. He has been instrumental in leading several multinational corporations such as Demag Cranes, SMC Pneumatics, Comp Air etc. He has also served on the Boards of ITW owned “Avery Weigh-Tronix”, Finolex & J Power. Basant is a turnaround specialist and brings deep expertise in improving financial health, profitability, operational excellence & marketing. Basant also serves on the CII National Task force for Ease of Doing Business and is passionate about doing our bit in supporting the reform agenda in the country. We hope you will benefit and derive a lot of insights from this interview. Link to the article: Follow us on #weighing #scale #weighingscale #loadcell #weighingmachine #scales #weighingscales #industrialscales #platformscale #weighingindicator #industrialweighing #weighbridge #Averyindia #basantsandooja #worldmetrologyday #weighingindustry




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